Wicht Family

Boditonic was created in 2011 by Adam Wicht with one goal in mind . . . to create a simple, organic product that could be used by everyone to improve the health of their skin.

Based in Northern California, each small batch of Boditonic is produced by first curing cold-pressed Organic Sesame Oil and then infusing it with a custom blend of aromatherapeutic-grade, Organic Essential Oils, each designed to awaken either the respiratory or lymphatic system, sooth skin ailments, and bring your doshas into balance. The result is a lightweight body oil that quickly absorbs to leave your skin looking smoother, softer and more radiant than ever.

Don't be shy when it comes to Boditonic. It can be used all over your body, from top of head to tip of toe. Our clients use Boditonic as a face serum, body moisturizer, makeup remover, hair tonic, on skin rashes, or anything that ails their skin. Eczema, skin spots, dryness, cradle cap, diaper rash, burn scars, stretch marks, and cellulite can all be improved with the use of Boditonic. Our personal favorite is to use Boditonic as a sunburn cure. Even the reddest of skin burns will turn golden brown after a generous lather with Boditonic. Our skin thanks us every time. 

 For more information about Boditonic and the benefits of Sesame Oil, visit our Blog.