For Both Mother & Child: The Magic of Massage with Sesame Oil and the Science to Prove It

"Improved weight, length, midarm, and midleg circumference compared to infants that didn’t receive massage; improved diameter of the femoral artery and blood velocity; increased post-massage sleep time by a maximum observed time of 1.62 hours."

A study titled, “Effects of Massage & Use of Oil on Growth, Blood Flow, and Sleep Pattern in Infants” conducted by the Pediatric Department for University College of Medical Sciences and G.T.B. Hospital, Delhi, preformed an in-depth look at the effects of massage, the use of various oils, and if different oils would garner different results. The conclusion, in all the various oils utilized, sesame oil was the only one to offer significant benefits.(1)


Keep in mind, however, utilizing sesame oil and massage doesn’t begin and end with the infant. On the contrary, it actually starts with the expecting mother. The ancient science of Ayurveda has a well-developed branch dealing in prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care termed as Garbhini Paricharya.(2) Within Garbhini Paricharya, there is a single most important practice known as Abhyanga - ayurvedic self-massage with sesame oil. Daily massage in earlier months and throughout pregnancy helps decrease stress, increase skin’s elasticity, and prevent stretch marks.(3)

Additionally, according to the Oxford University Hospitals, “Research has shown massaging your perineum (...with oil) from approximately 34 weeks into your pregnancy reduces the chance that you might damage this area during birth with a tear or bruising. This is particularly beneficial if you’re having your first baby.”(4) 

Whether you’re expecting, already have children, or ready to start utilizing a healthy, daily moisturizer for your skin and all seven layers of your body, know Boditonic is your solution. Utilizing organic, cold-pressed, and then cured sesame oil as the foundation for each of our formulas, Boditonic was created with an understanding of the ancient science of Ayurveda and the reaffirming studies of 20th Century medical research. 



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  • ^Hi Maryna,

    The techniques of infant massage vary. It can range from softly rubbing the infant’s head, arms, hands, abdomen, legs and feet to an in-depth understanding of infant acupressure, for instance.

    Regardless of the techniques utilized, the major takeaway from the study was the results of using a product like Boditonic (which contains sesame oil) on a daily basis. Each drop is packed with vitamins and minerals and due to the unique molecular structure, those nutrients are not only absorbed entirely by the skin, they go even further, penetrating the bone and directly aid in red blood cell development and proliferation.

    Hope this helps and that you give Boditonic a try…you will LOVE it : )


    adam w.
  • Interested! How about the technique of infant massage?

    Maryna Suvorova

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