Curing Is Caring. Refining Should Signal A Red Flag

As more and more individuals are paying attention to avoid harmful additives and hidden toxins while becoming increasingly aware of not only what they put in their bodies but also what they put ON their bodies, we’ve been receiving a question that is quickly making its way to the FAQ list for Boditonic. 

I’ve noticed Boditonic is cured, organic sesame oil. What is the difference between curing oil and refining oil? 

It’s a great question and highlights why boditonic is such a valuable and unique product. 

By definition, refining is a process of removing parts, typically that includes impurities or other by-products that aren’t conducive to whatever the end goal is. In the case of sesame oil, refining would include the removal of dust particles, stone particles to help to reduce the heightened acidic levels that typically result from the processes encompassed in Hot-Pressed oil extraction. 

Boditonic only uses organic, Cold-Pressed oil, so there are no impurities to extract or refine, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to be bottled immediately. Raw sesame oil has the potential to go rancid within 3-6 months, this is often referred to as the “shelf life.”  To increase shelf life of their products many companies often add chemicals know as parabens, preservatives or phthalates. Boditonic, however, being the purists we are, adding parabens, preservatives or phthalates is absolutely not an option. The solution we developed to increase the shelf life of sesame oil is referred to as curing and our process is unique to Boditonic exclusively.  

Curing can have a litany of meanings including and often times referring to letting something set or harden. However, in the case of Boditnonic, curing is more of a culinary process where we bring the oil to a precise temperature for a specific period of time before letting is rest. Once cured, Boditoinc’s shelf life is improved to nearly 10x that of raw sesame oil (...upwards of 5 years!!) No toxic parabens, preservatives or phthalates of any kind. 

Additionally, our curing process also increases the absorption rate of Boditonic into the skin upon application. This is important because the faster your skin absorbs Boditonic, the softer and smoother your skin will feel as the nutrients contained within Boditonic can more quickly get to work for you and your overall health. 

Healthy skin is beautiful skin...pure and simple. 

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